Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles: “Crown Jewel”

We were so excited to be a part of the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays Showhouse. It benefited a great cause and was great fun! Check out the latest issue on newsstands now and link here to see all the beautiful rooms.

Crown Jewel // Lindsey Coral Harper, LCH Interiors

Influenced by Billy Baldwin, this Georgia native turned New York interior designer transformed the lofty family room into an intimate space thanks floor-to-ceiling color, touches of animal print and deep jewel tones. Harper sought to employ the “gorgeous greens” found just outside the windows of this room, which overlooks the pool, but the scheme quickly evolved into teal, which, she admits, is more in tune with her style. Adding interest to every crevice, Harper accented the blue-green grasscloth that covers the walls with moldings hand-painted by artist Jay Lohmann in a faux-tortoise trim. Bunny Williams Home’s Tray Chic ottoman anchors a seating arrangement made cozy by the addition of a pair of woven seagrass chairs, plaid armchairs and a plush Celerie Kemble for Henredon sofa.




Q&A with Aspire Magazine

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Holiday Tips From Lindsey Coral Harper

We loved teaming up with Guildery this year to create a fantastic fabric collection. The designs are now offered in gift wrap as well! Check out the Guildery blog to see some LCH holiday tips as well as the super cute wrapping paper.

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AH&L Holiday Designer Showhouse

The 2015 Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse sponsored by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles was a great success! We were very honored to participate. A big thanks to these fantastic vendors and artists for their participation! Anne Irwin Fine Art, Beeline Home, Century Upholstery, Christopher Spitzmiller, Cowan & Tout, David Duncan Antiques, Emily Burgess, Foxglove Antiques, Henredon, Holland & Sherry, Hollywood at Home, Interior Couture of the Carolinas, Jay Lohmann, Jayson Home, Lee Jofa, Old World Weavers, Mrs. Howard, Palm Beach, Pindler, Stark, Travers.

See the entire room we designed on Stylebeat blog.



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In the spirit of all things merry and bright, the Atlanta Home’s and Lifestyles Magazine 2015 Home For The Holiday’s Designer Showhouse opened with a strong lineup of great design talent. Held at Millwood Manner, a grand English-inspired Buckhead estate built by Sheehan with architect Harrison Design, the home was transformed by twenty great designers, selected from a local and national spectrum, including Atlantans Barbara Westbrook, Robert Brown, Mallory Mathison Glenn, Melanie Millner, Carole Weaks, Steve McKenzie and Tish Mills to name a few. The house is open for visitors until December 13th, with proceeds benefitting the The Southeastern Horticulturalist Society’s Children’s Learning Gardens. There are so many beautiful rooms on view, and I want to start off sharing the most festive room in the house, the living room, decorated by New York-based designer Lindsey Coral Harper.  Inspired by Billy Baldwin, she transformed the large, light-filled space with one of my favorite color schemes, cinnabar and teal. She shared, “I wanted to keep it cozy with warm tones and gorgeous greens found in the natural landscape. Green became teal, because it’s much more my style!” When looking at her design details and classic touches, I can’t help but be reminded of the traditionally dressed elegant rooms designed by her mentor, Richard Keith Langham.  Ahead, the colorful living room by LCH Interiors.





A muted Lee Jofa wool plaid in a soft and less expected color palette of paprika and pale blue green ties in the color scheme of th room.  A striking piece of art made from Ostrich Eggs was designed by her friend artist Jay Lohmann and hangs above the fireplace.





As Harper knows, every detail counts. Solid blue green tinged grasscloth covers the walls and faux marble painted moldings in the same tones elevate the eye, making the ceilings appear even higher. The combination of textures, with the Stark diamond sisal rug (my mom also loves this rug– it is a go-to for her)  and woven seagrass chairs provides a nice juxtaposition. A Tray Chic Ottoman from Bunny Williams Home  done in a solid blue green velvet anchors the seating area.




A quiet corner serves as a perfect spot to play a game of backammon with a vintage game table. A Cowtan and Tout plaid covers a pair of chairs from Hickory Chair and adds a complimentary plaid to the mix. At the window, a charming curved pelmet made from the coordinating plaid adds character.


A detail of the meticulously styled and chic bookshelves with a Hollywood at Home rush-backed chair. The design lesson here? Add interesting, meaningful objects in with books to create a visually appealing array.

Sunbrella and Architectural Digest Cohost an Event in L.A.




We were honored to be considered and thrilled to be selected to participate in Sunbrella’s Perspective LA event this month! View our vignette and read the full Architectural Digest article here.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.55.41 PM

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Last Tuesday Architectural Digest cohosted Perspective Los Angeles, an event spotlighting Sunbrella’s fabric and innovative design. A small group of noted young designers was asked to submit renderings and floor plans for a room featuring Sunbrella’s interior fabrics. Five designs—by Natasha Baradaran, Chad McPhail, Max Humphrey, Lindsey Coral Harper, and Katrina Hernandez and Joshua Greene of Hernandez Greene—were chosen to be built as vignettes at The Washbow, an event space in Culver City, California.

The event continued the following day when Mayer Rus, West Coast editor of Architectural Digest, moderated a panel discussion with the participating designers on topics ranging from their vignette inspiration to evolving design trends. As he opened the panel discussion, Rus said the festivities had “restored my faith in the vignette, which has been destroyed by too many television competition shows.” He added, “These examples are full of ideas and inspiration and information.”




Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.44.42 PM







Visit Editor-at-Large here to check out my picks for what’s a must-see at High Point this fall!


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Check Out My Contributing Post to the Style Library Blog

In this installment of our Style Library guest blog series, NYC-based interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper reveals her favorite designs from a special presentation of the new Fall 2015 lines at an intimate NYC designer dinner. 


Hi, I’m Lindsey of Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors, an interior design firm based in Manhattan. I am originally from Cartersville, Georgia and am a graduate of the University of Georgia. I moved to New York City to pursue a career in interior design. After working for notable designer Richard Keith Langham, Inc. for 8 years and freelancing for Dorothy Draper & Co, Inc., I started my own company in 2007. My style has been described as fresh, young and modern with a twist on the traditional. I currently have clients all over the country, as well as here in New York City.

combined-polaroids-500 A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an intimate designer dinner at Lafayette in downtown Manhattan hosted by Zoffany to showcase their new product lines for Fall 2015. I was thrilled to get a sneak peek of the collections in such a fun setting with fellow NYC designers. 


There was just so much that stood out to me in the new Fall introductions but there were some things in the new Amazilia collection from Harlequin that really spoke to me.

I am a fan of bold color and patterns and love to mix and match. I aim to create a beautifully layered interior that is aesthetically superb and comfortable for my client; a very well curated space, but something you can definitely live in!

I saw a lot of that in the new collections, but these new patterns from Amazilia were particularly inspiring to me:

I love this design as both a wallpaper and a fabric. I keep seeing feathers popping up everywhere in fashion, so I love the interpretation of that here. The scale on this is really great, and I love how many colors are incorporated!


This is close in feel to the feathers, and similarly brings in a lot of beautiful colors. I love the flax linen ground color and the repetition of the butterflies in stripes.

Style-Library-Harlequin-Amazilia-papilio-butterfly-fabric 2
I love the variation of sizes in the dots in this pattern. The wallpaper is fun and playful, but reads as a neutral so it is versatile enough to use anywhere! The scale is perfect for papering the backs of built-in bookshelves.

I love the textures in this particular drapery fabric and the large-scale X pattern! It packs a punch whether it’s on a small pillow or dramatic full-length curtains.

This teal is one of my current favorite colors. I love all of the movement in this pattern, and how fresh it feels!


Check out our Q&A with Editor-at-Large

Lindsey Coral Harper talks e-commerce for bespoke furniture

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2015.

Bespoke furniture and accessories from Lindsey Coral Harper’s Lamshop line made their e-commerce debut back in 2013. Today, the designer of the firm of the same name shares what works, what hasn’t and how customers are responding to business online.

Lindsey Coral Harper

What particular features does your site offer? Why did you decide to add a shop or other e-commerce features to your site—were customers approaching you?
Our site allows you to see most of our products, including the dimensions and custom colorways. We certainly had customers approaching us, so we thought a website could answer a lot of the preliminary questions when looking for furniture and accessories online, such as where items are made, how long they take and what finish options are available.

Lamshop’sells furniture, upholstery and accessories 

Can you describe customer response so far?
I think having the prices online allows the customer to know if our product is in their budget and/or reach. Often I see great-looking items online; however, if I see “contact dealer for pricing” it is often a turn-off because it is another time constraint and in our industry time is money! As a designer, I find that also makes something sound unattainable, as if it is too pricey to put online. Customer response has been great.

How do you decide what products to sell online? Do certain items or categories sell better online?
Our items are made to order, so our online feature is mainly a guide for clients to see our products and see what custom finishes we have to offer. Almost every order we get is made to order, so typically we speak to the customer over the phone or through emails. However, we feel the website is a necessary tool in this day and age to give the customer as much information up-front as possible.

Discover Lamshop online.

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